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Sports orientated schools: aims and characteristics

Sports schools are educational institutions that combine general education with in-depth study of physical education and sports.

Why they are needed:

  • Development of sporting potential: such schools help children with high sporting potential to develop their skills and achieve high results.
  • Preparation for a sporting career: schools with a sporting focus can be a springboard to a professional sporting career.
  • Healthy lifestyles: An emphasis on physical activity helps children to lead healthy lifestyles and be more disciplined.

What is emphasised in such schools:

  • Physical training: students receive advanced training in one or more sports.
  • Theoretical training: Students learn sports theory, anatomy, physiology and other subjects necessary for high performance.
  • General education: students receive general education in accordance with state standards.

Features of schools with a sports bias:

  • Availability of sports infrastructure: schools with a sports bias should have all necessary conditions for sports activities, such as gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, etc.
  • Qualified coaching staff: These schools have highly qualified coaches who can help children realise their sporting potential.
  • Specific daily routine: the daily routine at a sports orientated school usually includes more time for sports activities.
  • Admission to a sports orientated school:

A selection process is required for admission to such a school.
Selection usually involves a physical fitness test and an interview.

Sports orientated schools can be a good choice for children who are passionate about sports and want to excel. It is important to choose such a school carefully, taking into account all of its characteristics.

When choosing a school with a sports bias, you should pay attention to:

  • Availability of sports infrastructure
  • Qualification of the coaching staff
  • Regime of the day
  • Reviews about the school.

There are several types of schools with a sports bias:

  • Olympic reserve schools: these schools are focused on training high-class athletes.
  • Specialised children’s and youth sports schools (SDYUSHOR): these schools prepare athletes for participation in competitions at various levels.
  • Advanced Physical Education Schools: These schools emphasise the general physical development of students.

If you have already decided on a sport, we recommend choosing schools such as:

  • Football Academy “Chertanovo” (Moscow)
  • FC Krasnodar Academy
  • FC Spartak Academy (Moscow)
  • Spartak Hockey School (Moscow)
  • Dynamo Hockey School (Moscow)
  • CSKA Hockey School (Moscow)
  • L.Y. Arkaev School of Artistic Gymnastics (Moscow)
  • Dynamo Artistic Gymnastics School (Moscow)
  • Olympic Reserve School No.2 (Ekaterinburg)
  • School of Higher Sports Mastery in Aquatics (Moscow)
  • Olympic Reserve School No. 1 (St. Petersburg)
  • Centre for Sports Training of Russian National Teams in Aquatics (Kazan).