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Advertising for HHS Athletics

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Heritage High School Athletic Booster Club

Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. All sponsorships run from August 1 to June 31 of the school year. Sponsors may opt in at any time.

  2. All sponsorships require some type of payment or compensation, which can include free or in-kind products or services.

  3. Sponsorships paid with free or in-kind products or services may be used for resale (for example, Concessions), for Booster events, or transferred to other school organizations or uses, or may not be used at all.

  4. Sponsors are responsible for the creation of artwork for their materials, subject to approval by the Boosters, Athletics and Administration.

  5. Sponsors who need design assistance will be referred to a design service as a paying customer.

  6. By submitting designs, sponsors confirm that they have the rights to all logos, artwork and slogans contained in their design.

  7. Heritage Athletic Booster Club offers no refunds on sponsorships. Errors or issues, either due to human error, natural causes or other events, may be compensated with additional advertising opportunities at the discretion of the Booster President.

  8. Sponsorships are independent from vendor and purchasing decisions. No vendor is under any obligation to become a sponsor and no sponsor is guaranteed to be selected as a vendor.

  9. Heritage Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit entity. Sponsorship funds benefit Heritage Athletics, students and facilities. Sponsorships should be considered in the spirit of supporting the school and it’s athletic programs.



***All advertisers and offers subject to approval.***

***HHS and the Athletic Booster Club DO NOT work with any third party marketers.  Please contact us if you are contacted by someone offering advertising for our school.***