Heritage High School


ALL parents are expected to volunteer during the season.


Check back soon for the SIGN UP LINK


This will bring you to all the volunteer shifts that are set up for the current season.


Look for your athlete’s sport/team in the “AVAILABLE SLOT” column.  These are the dates/times assigned to your team throughout the current season.


There are two job types: concessions and tickets.  Concession volunteers help sell food and beverages in the concession stand. Ticket volunteers collect money and check season passes at the ticket gate or table.


Once you have found the type of job you would like to help with on the date you want to work, click “Sign Up”.  Once you have signed up for one (or two!!) shifts, click on the “SUBMIT AND SIGN UP” button at the bottom of the page.


You will be sent a reminder email 2-3 days before the shift you have signed up for.


When you arrive for your shift, please be sure to sign in at the concession stand.  Make sure you do this so that we know that your team has fulfilled their assignments and gets proper credit for the cash bonus at the end of the season.  Ticket workers also need to check in at the concession stand so leave enough time for this before your shift.


Please note that the START time is a REAL/HARD start time.  Please arrive ready to work by the start time.  The system requires us to put an END time in, but please realize that the end time might change:  delay in games, going into overtime, weather issues.  Please be FLEXIBLE with the end time of your shifts.


Lastly, if you can’t for some reason work the shift you have signed up for, please, please, please, find your own replacement for your shift.  This will help your team parent so much.


As always, thank you for helping our student athletes and the HHS Athletic Booster Club.  All proceeds from concession sales go back to the athletes and we could not do it without your help!