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Promo codes and other interesting offers from bookmakers

This article is intended for players who are interested in learning more about how bookmakers work, and the various types of promotions they offer to increase their customer base. Promotions can be applied to different sports like horse racing, football (soccer), baseball, tennis, basketball, boxing and cricket. For this reason it’s worth showing an interest in all different sports, this allows an opportunity to potentially take advantage of one of the bookmaker offers available.

What is a bookmaker offer?

A bookmaker offer is an incentive or promotion that a bookmaker can use to attract new customers and encourage current players to return. Offers are usually time sensitive, often only affecting players for short periods of time. These offers often consist of bonuses on the initial deposit, cashback offers and/or free bets.

How do bookmaker bonus codes work?

Typically a bookmaker will offer a bonus code to new sign-ups that allows them to receive additional funds (either in percentage terms or in sum) for their first bet/s. This bonus code should be typed in during the deposit process to apply it.

How can I benefit from promotional codes?

If you’re aware of a particular bookmaker offering (e.g. Coral offer 10% free bets on their first bet) that you think suits your playing style, then signing up to that bookmaker is sensible. It’s not always beneficial to sign up with a bookmaker that offers a large bonus as this may encourage unfavourable play.

It is important to note that you should bet sensibly on your own accord, irrespective of any promotional codes or bonuses on offer from your chosen bookmakers. Promotional codes can allow players to have an advantage over the bookmaker, but remember these are still businesses trying to make money themselves.

Are there free bet bookmaker offers?

Yes, many bookmakers will offer new sign-ups or existing customers a no deposit required free bet. This basically means that if you have not deposited any funds into your account then they may give you a certain amount of betting funds. However, some bookmakers have additional requirements for this type of offer, usually involving the player to place a certain number of bets at certain odds before they can claim their freebet(s).

What are cashback offers?

Cashback offers are similar to free bet bonuses in that new sign-ups or existing customers will receive a sum of money back into their account if they lose a certain bet. The catch here is that players must place several bets inorder to qualify for this cashback offer, which means the freebet will be effectively useless unless the player wins at least one of these qualifying bets.

What are matched deposit offers?

Slightly different to other types of bonuses, matched deposit offers usually involve a player receiving additional funds for simply depositing into their account. However, this differs from other types of promotional code in that the amount given to the customer will be equal to the sum deposited. Again, players must typically place several bets before qualifying for this offer.

How should I be when using promotional codes?

Although promotional codes can give players an advantage over the bookmaker, it is important to bet sensibly and keep in mind that these are still businesses trying to make money themselves. Promotional Codes should never be used as a replacement for normal betting strategies and systems, but rather they should complement your play. When you feel that you are in a position to take advantage of the offers available, make use of them. Betting on sports in Astralia with hndr.me