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Parlay betting strategies

Parlay betting strategies are the best way to win money playing sports. Parlay is one bet on two or more games at the same time and can be used in any sport (football, basketball, baseball, etc.). Parlay can be very risky, as you need all your teams to win in order to get your bet. However, the payouts for a successful parlay are quite high compared to direct bets or teasers.

The reason why parlay bets are such good bets is that you only need two teams to win, not ten as in a teaser bet for ten teams. Also, there is more than one way to make your selections and therefore different strategies are offered.

An overview of strategies

One way of playing the game is by weighting the bets. The advantage of this strategy is that it allows you to minimise your losses when one team loses and maximise your profits when more than one team wins. The principle is simple: bet more on games that are likely to be won than on games that are unlikely to be won. For example, it would be illogical to bet on a game between two teams that you think are on an even playing field. On the other hand, you may not hesitate to place a big bet on a team that is much better than their opponent.

This is a betting strategy for sports bookmakers, for example, the Spanish bookmaker – elskodamasantiguo.com, which they promote with incentive schemes, bonuses and discounts – all designed to encourage gamblers to bet as often as possible, as opposed to a single bookmaker who aims to offer good returns on winning bets.

This strategy is based on a fundamental analysis of all matches and also takes into account each team’s injuries and disqualifications. It requires more time and effort than just random picking, but gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money, as opposed to relying on luck.

There are many different strategies that can be used in parlay betting, and probably the most common is the one that involves setting up a system that can be called a “star” system. There is much debate as to whether this particular system is profitable at all, and it has even been called “gambling more than skill”.

One of the most worthy methods of creating this system is the use of the Fibonacci sequence. It does offer good payouts, but equally has the potential to fail just as easily. As with any betting strategy, there are pros and cons to be weighed before attempting to use this strategy yourself, but once mastered there is little to stop a bettor betting based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Another system that can be used for parlaying games uses the concept of ‘Martingale’, which involves doubling your bet after a loss in the hope of recouping your losses. It should be noted that experts consider this strategy too risky because of the possibility of quickly losing everything back.

As with all other betting strategies, there are winning and losing parlay systems, so it is difficult to suggest one system over the other. Many advise against using this strategy altogether because of its high risk, but those who have mastered it swear by it, saying that this is what makes betting on sports so interesting and exciting.

The riskiest way to bet on parlay is to simply pick matches at random, but this will not be profitable more than 50% of the time. This makes this strategy less optimal, as you will have a better chance of earning by placing direct bets or parlay bets.

The reverse is also true, where one makes the most profitable bet by weighing it according to statistics and analysis. However, this is more akin to gambling than betting on sports, because while there is still a certain amount of skill in making such predictions, once they are made a person cannot control whether teams will win or lose; it depends on the teams themselves. This is why such a bet can be considered very risky.

One strategy that many people swear by and which offers a high return on investment, but also has the possibility of not paying off at all, is the use of the Fibonacci sequence. The theory behind it states that if a person bets more money on games that they think are likely to win, they will make more money compared to those who bet on unlikely games.

It should be noted that this strategy is not recommended because there is no way of knowing for sure whether a team will win or lose, and therefore no profit can be promised.

As with all other betting strategies, there is the potential to show a loss, but this is no different from betting on straight matches. The potential to show a loss exists equally with any other strategy, as they all involve risk. Parlays are unique in that they offer the opportunity to win huge amounts of money, but at the same time make life difficult for the bettor.


Developing a winning system for parlays and one that gives returns similar to those of other sports requires skill and careful thought. There are many different systems, some may work for you, some may not, and some may not bet at all if they can’t find investors – these strategies range from simple to very complex.

The only way to choose the perfect system is to find out what works and doesn’t work for you. It is always a good idea to keep a record of the bets made, as this will help you choose the model that works best with their betting system.