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Pride Athletics

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Pride Athletics

Heritage High School

Pride Athletics

Heritage High School

Team News.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 12:21PM

Winter Workouts

Heritage Pride Softball

Off Season Lifting Program

This program is set up using baseball and softball player’s body movements and strength patterns as a foundation. This is NOT a converted football routine.

Attached is the program we will be using. Every exercise can be viewed by clicking the You Tube link in the description. Players will be shown proper form before doing the exercise the 1st time and then supervised the entire time. 

I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to look at all of these exercises prior to coming so you see the routine and have a basic idea for what you are doing.

You can go to both sessions if you can. The 2 times a week we will be running the program are as follows:

  • Mondays- After School 4-6 PM starting November 18th
  • Thursdays- Before School 7-830 AM starting November 14th Depending on how many come to the AM session time will be adjusted as players get more efficient at the routine.

Again, you should look at the routine prior to getting there the 1st day.

The FILES section has the workout routine so you can view it. 

Team News

1 month ago @ 10:24AM

2019-20 Schedule



  Heritage Softball 2019-20  
March 11 at Freedom (Scrimmage)
  13 Handley (Scrimmage)
  16 at Riverside
  17 Woodgrove
  19 Rock Ridge
  23 at Freedom
  24 At Dominion
  25 At Liberty (JV ONLY) 
  27 Dominion
  31 Independence
April 2  George Mason
  3 At Independence
  14 At Broad Run
  17 Broad Run
  21 At Loudoun Valley
  24 Loudoun Valley
  28 Park View
May 1 At Park View
  5 At Tusky
  8 Tusky
  12 Loudoun County
  15 At Loudoun County



Team News

2 months ago @ 2:09PM

Softball Info Group Communication

If you want to be added to the 2019-20 Softball group REMIND account (used to communicate in/offseason updates) please email and ask for an invite. Please state who your child is and your relationship. 

Team News

3 months ago @ 10:37AM

Travel Ball and in season attendance policy

Heritage High School – In-season philosophy

For those of you who are on a travel softball team, I would like to review my philosophy regarding continuing to play on that team while you are in-season with HS softball. I have had a few girls reach out to me already and, although this is covered during the Spring Sport Meeting, I would like to provide you with my philosophy now so you can plan accordingly. Additionally, as this topic also encompasses absences, I will address that topic as well.

I understand the vital roll your travel program has played in your softball development and the commitment you have to the team.  I also understand that there are important family issues that may arise during the season and that your HS studies are important too. I am not only a coach, but a father of a softball player, a travel coach, and a softball trainer, so I understand all of these aspects. That being said, you should know that if you have to miss practice or a game for any of these reasons, there will be some consequences. Not only for you, but also for the team. Every spring, high schools have to work to make 12-15 girls work together as a team and that is difficult to pull off in 3 short months, so your commitment to the team is important. 

Few items to know before heading into the season:

  1. We are “in season” starting Feb 17, 2019.
  • Our Varsity will practice 430-615. JV will practice from 6-730.
  • We will have a small number of Saturday practices early in the year.
  • If you cannot come to practice because you have homework/family issue, you must notify me as soon as you know.
  • Attending an official school event linked to a grade will not be held against you; however, you must notify me of any conflicts at least 2-weeks in advance. Doing homework and studying does not qualify. This needs to be budgeted with your time. 
  1. The weekends are yours but…
  • When we have an in-season Saturday practice, it is NOT voluntary. It will announced early to give you time to plan.
  • If your travel team is playing in a tournament on the weekend, know that HS softball comes first. You are welcome to join your travel team after any HS practice.
  • Family trips are not a valid excuse to miss a practice. If you do not attend practice for this reason, it will be unexcused.
  1. Everything else…
  • An unexcused absence, especially multiple unexcused absences, can potentially affect playing time. All absences, and any consequences, will be discussed with the player, not the team. If absences become a problem for a player, coaches will work with the player to get them back on track.

I hope this information helps as we all prepare for the HS Spring Softball Season!

Coach Frank Doering
Heritage High School Softball
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