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How to bet on boxing

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves and padding , exchange blows with their fists. It is known for its punching techniques, grappling techniques, boxers physical power and stamina, and fast footwork. Around the world, professional boxing matches are usually supervised by a referee to ensure that the fighters adhere to the rules of the game. When a fight results in a draw or goes into an extra round (decided by the judges), each boxer gets equal amounts of money from the fight’s revenue (ticket sales).

Boxing is no doubt an exciting sport to bet on for many reasons. The thrill of watching two skilled fighters battle it out can be more exhilarating than any other sporting event. If you love watching boxing fights but don’t know how to make money betting on them, this article will give you some useful advice on how to bet on boxing the right way. Note that this article does not cover all possible ways of betting on boxing, but just some methods that would work for casual bettors .

The Golden Rules

Boxing is unpredictable , so it’s usually difficult to make money by betting on boxing. Here are some rules you can use as a guide (not absolute) when betting on the sport: 1. Don’t go against the odds     If there is an overwhelming favorite fighting another underdog in a fight, don’t bet against the favorite even if he looks beatable because it will probably end up as a one-sided fight anyway (especially if it’s a title fight). Note also that most sports books give the underdog a disadvantageous line if the favorite is an overwhelming one. 2. Don’t bet on unknown or obscure fighters     If you don’t know anything about the boxer fighting, avoid betting on him because he may be very weak compared to his opponent (and probably most bettors will have already noticed this without even watching the fight). 3. Avoid predicting upsets A lot of novice bettors love to predict big underdogs to win so they can win huge amounts of money in one easy prediction.

But it’s usually not wise to go against established boxers , especially if they are proven champions , because they rarely get beaten by other fighters who haven’t made any name for themselves yet. 4. Pick fights carefully Look at the track records of the boxers and estimate which fighter has a higher chance of winning before placing your bet, because it will make betting easier for you. 5. Consider money lines You should consider checking out a fight’s money line to see which boxer is favored to win by the bookmaker . If one boxer is given at least 1.5-2 times more favorable odds than his opponent , place a bet on him because he probably a better fighter even though there’s no clear favorite according to the odds makers.

How to Bet on Boxing

If you want to learn how to bet on boxing, here are some tips from professional bettors: – For straight bets, look for heavy favorites     In most fights between evenly matched fighters, betting on the underdog is the way to go because they usually have a higher chance of winning (according to statistics and in most cases). But when one boxer is given at least 2-2.5 times more favorable odds than his opponent according to lines makers , it’s probably not worth considering an upset. With odds like this, the line maker believes that the underdog has almost no chance against his opponent… So don’t bet on him. – For parlays , pick fights carefully There are various types of bets you can make with parlays . The most common type of bet is choosing 2 or more straight or “single” picks (bets for single fights) that adds up to one wager.

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