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Features of live eSports betting

During live cyber sports betting, games are played live, which means that the odds change quickly. There is no time to place bets afterwards or assign probabilities assigned before the game or event as in pre-event. This makes theoretical work on these events much more difficult than on other sports, because you never know for sure what will happen before it happens.

Live betting on traditional sports and live betting on cyber sports: similarities and differences

There are of course similarities between live betting on traditional sports and live betting on cyber sports but there are also a number of differences that cannot be denied. 

The differences

One of the biggest differences is that:

  1. In traditional sports, games take place only once, while in cyber sports they take place many times. This makes it difficult to choose the best strategy because you have to make a decision based on an incomplete set of data.
  2. Traditional sports such as American football and European football (football), in their current form, are not very suitable for real-time betting because they last too long, making the games less exciting for spectators. Games in cybersports tend to be shorter than in traditional sports, but if you want them to be even shorter, there are ways to do so.
  3. Another benefit of cybersports is that it is much easier to bet on a single match event than a traditional sporting event, such as a football match, because the games tend to be very different from each other. 
  4. Traditional sporting events often last several hours and have many teams competing at the same time, making them difficult to predict. While it is relatively easy to predict who will come out on top in cybersport, it is more difficult to accurately predict the outcome of events in traditional sports. The reason is that there are more games and different matches require different strategies. Furthermore, matches in traditional sports are often influenced by factors such as weather and injuries, so a lot of knowledge is needed to make accurate decisions. However, if you are familiar with these sports, you will be able to understand how certain factors can affect players and change the odds in a particular match.
  5. Another big difference between traditional sports and cybersports is that in traditional sports many of them have a season in which teams compete against each other over a long period of time. In cybersports this is not as important, but it does affect the odds and it becomes more difficult to pick a winner because you need to know more about the sport.

Despite some of these disadvantages, live betting can be very lucrative if done correctly. The only thing that will give you a better chance of success is more information about what you are betting on. This is where a sample size of games comes in handy, as it makes it easier to find trends and pick winning teams. The more variety in the sport, the better the chances of making money, which means that having plenty of cyber-sports events to bet on is essential.


When you start betting live, it is important to start with the most popular events, as the odds on them are more predictable, which means you will be able to make money more consistently. Big events with big bets will bring you the most profit, but there is always risk involved, so it’s important to find your comfort zone before expanding it.


To sum it up, live betting on cyber sports has its advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional sports. However, as there are more betting opportunities, it is still possible to make money with this method. How to bet on cyber sports events in Portugal? – betanob.com